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About Us

Samartha Bharata is a campaign and a volunteer platform in Karnataka aimed at addressing social, economic, civic, environmental and other challenges. A significant amount of work, undertaken by various organizations is in progress, in the fields of quality education, health, vocational training, civic issues, environment, rural development, cow protection, cultural & literary development and upliftment of marginalized sections like street children, HIV+ people, transgenders and devadasis.

Volunteers in these organizations come from varied professions and socio-economic and geographic backgrounds and they dedicate their time, skills and energy towards these causes. Thanks to their efforts, a huge difference has been made to the lives of lakhs of people across the country. But there is a long way to go for our nation to reach its full potential.

Samartha Bharata offers a single platform for new volunteers and organizations to come together. In future, it will also serve as an incubator for new initiatives proposed to solve challenges and problems faced by society.

YES, I serve my nation . YES, I am the change. YES, together we can.



To transform Bharat by involving people in sustainable social, economic and cultural initiatives.


  • Introduce meaningful social, economic and cultural initiatives to help develop a sustainable, strong society.

  • Connect individuals to participate through a multi-dimensional volunteer platform.

  • Inspire service-minded enthusiasts to develop problem-solving and leadership skills that will strengthen neighborhoods and the nation.

  • Provide opportunity to organizations to become partners in nation-building.

  • Incubate new ideas and initiatives proposed to solve social & economic challenges.

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